5 best Georgian food (the ultimate comfort food)

If you have ever thought about visiting Georgia (Caucasus) or ever wondered why anyone would go there, I have one word for you:

Georgian food is unlike anything else you will taste. As a foodie, I know I praise more or less anything edible, but is that food? It’s completely different.

It is the best comfort food in the world. It feels better. Such a favorite dish that Grandma always uses on cold winter days. Hearty, delicious and like a warm hug. It is completely satisfying!

Read on for the best of Georgian dishes.

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Traditional Georgian food
Eating out in Georgia


2.Chimmeroli (chicken with garlic)




The best restaurants in Tbilisi
How to eat khinkali (the right way)
Georgian cooking lesson
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Traditional Georgian food
What makes Georgian cuisine so delicious and delicious are the flavors. You have flavors from the Mediterranean, as well as from Turkey and the Middle East. The most common ingredients are walnuts, pomegranate, beans, cheese, honey, coriander, and garlic.

Generally, food in Georgia comes with a lot of bread, pastries, and cheese, so it is not the healthiest cuisine. But the best one isn’t, my prince?

What I love most about Georgian dishes – apart from the amazing taste – are the earthenware and iron utensils in which they are served. Like, when you order lobio (bean soup), you’ll get it in this little witch’s bowl. It is very rustic. I love that.

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Eating out in Georgia
Before we dive into the dishes, here are some things you need to be aware of when it comes to dining out in Tbilisi:

Breakfast is not a real thing in Georgia. This means that you have to find a hotel with a breakfast option, because you will not find breakfast or lunch in any restaurants. This also means that restaurants are closed until 11:30 – 12 noon.

Vegetarians will find plenty of meatless dishes to choose from, while vegetarians will have a more difficult time due to the high doses of butter and cream in most dishes.

Tipping is appreciated, but not required.

You can pay with credit card in most restaurants and cafes in Tbilisi.

If you can taste only one Georgian dish, it should be the khinkali – the national dish. You know Chinese dumplings, right? Those delicious little balls of dough with or without meat. Well, khinkali are pies on steroids.

Have dumplings that are chunky with meat (lamb, beef or pork) or vegan fillings of mushrooms, spinach and cheese. It has the tastiest sauces inside. And there’s a whole art to getting it right (find instructions below). I had khinkali every day in Georgia and Armenia, and while the original khinkali is boiled, my favorite version was the fried version. Delicious!

2.Chimmeroli (chicken with garlic)

While khinkali is the king in the Caucasus, my favorite dish, or one of them, was shikmruli (chicken with garlic). Here, you have crunchy chicken cooked in creamy milk and garlic sauce.

It’s a basic dish with very few ingredients, but I’m telling you … you’ll want to try this one.


Another prime example of Georgian food is Austri. Ostry is a spicy and spicy beef stew with garlic, parsley and coriander. Like most other dishes in Georgia, it is served without a side dish, although some rice can be great!


Another dish that you are bound to hear about is khachapuri. There are many different types of Khashaburi in Georgia.

These cheesecakes come in a range of shapes, sizes, doughs, and fillings. The most popular version is Adarian Khachaburi, which is in the shape of a boat stuffed with melted cheese and butter and topped with an egg.

Pro tip: If you are looking for migruli khachapuri (plain cheese bread) just know that it is a bit heavy – it’s cheese plus! It’s a big dish, so if there are two of you, you can split it up and maybe order another dish on the side.


Kharchu is a traditional Georgian stew with beef, rice, cherry-plum puree and chopped walnuts. It is usually covered with coriander like most other local dishes.

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