Top of the fruits and vegetables that we eat too much, the planet doesn’t say thank you.

Five fruits and vegetables a day. Kind Your health comes before the environment. You don’t care about the environment and the squalid conditions of your avocado production, do you? Don’t worry about Mother Nature, zap.

1. Quinoa

Every time you feel healthy because you swallow quinoa, you are part of a major economic and environmental crisis in Bolivia and Peru. In 2016, Liberation told how the consumption of quinoa in Western countries led to a rise in the price of the product in producing countries and a ramp up of production with the use of environmentally unfriendly pesticides. But if you don’t mind smearing your hands with the blood of a small product, then feel free.

2. The lawyer

And put it everywhere. In sushi and salads, in tacos and in guacamole (yes, well, in guacamole, I admit it makes sense). But avocado production is a problem. It involves massive deforestation in Mexico and has harmful consequences for the environment, as it requires 500 liters of water to produce avocados. You see the concept.

3. Soya

Each year 330 million tons of soy are produced, half of which is used in the oil industry. For this to happen, large-scale deforestation is taking place in Asia and, perhaps most seriously, various chemical solvents and pesticides are used that pollute the soil and release greenhouse gases. As for a tofu steak, our planet is dying a bit. thanks for that.

4. Dates

Come on, say a number. no more. No, it’s more than that. More. Come on, it’s over. Well, I tell you: to produce 1 kilogram of dates, you need 3000 liters of water. Here you are. When you know that most of the producing countries are located in North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia), it makes you think about what you can do with all this water used to make very sweet fruits.

5. Mangoes

It’s less than dates, but it still is. It consumes 1600 liters of water per kilo of mango. Pesticides are not included in industrial production. Not to mention the environmental cost of importing. Yes, one good meal is fun, but one, what, not ten.

6. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are produced in unfavorable climates, and they require a lot of water and chemical additives. If the numbers are not in proportion to those mentioned for dates or mangoes, then they should be taken into account in relation to the 14 kilograms of tomatoes consumed annually in France. If we double that 14 kilograms by 70 million French, it will start to increase.

7. Bananas

One kilogram of banana yields 800 liters of water. And a kilogram of bananas so he could say “I carve a banana.” So, it takes 800 liters of water to be able to say “I have a banana”. Thank you, Renault, for everything you do for the environment.

8. Coral lenses

Hate that you think of the Great Barrier Reef while enjoying it.

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