8 vegetables to plant now in your garden

We are slowly coming to the end of summer and it is already time to think about our autumn harvest. Here are the seeds to plant in your garden during the month of August to enjoy tasty new vegetables in the next season.

Some varieties grow better when temperatures cool down!


Spinach sowing is done from mid-August for harvesting from October.


Kale resists very well to cool temperatures and can be eaten throughout the winter. It takes about 60 to 85 days before you can eat your first vegetables.


Patience is needed to grow garlic. Plant them now to get the first results before late spring or early summer next year.


By planting radishes in your garden today, you can already enjoy them next month! Delicious in a salad, these crunchy vegetables can also serve as a healthy snack.

5.Chard and beets

These two fall vegetables par excellence need about 50 to 60 days before they are ready to be harvested. It’s time to plant them!


Some varieties of lettuce are very easy to grow and grow in only 30 days. Just in time to make delicious fall salads!


The sowing of early onions and white onions takes place between mid-August and mid-September. To be eaten in a soup when they are ready!


Autumn turnips are planted in late summer in the vegetable garden. Count about 60 days before enjoying them.

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